Make Cartoons: The Easy Way

Drawing cartoons is an amazing art form. As a hobby it can be a source of lots of fun and at the same time as a profession it can be a lucrative career. But getting started is not always easy, because to pick up the skill one needs to put some effort. And as you can imagine like every other skill there is a learning curve involved and depending on the method adopted by the beginner the curve can be quite long. Here in this article we will discuss certain things and aspects about this amazing art that will help the beginner to get started and pick up the skill with some ease.

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Keep in mind that the whole figure is more important than the face. Many beginners get tripped at this point they by mistake think that creating a pretty face is more important and spend lots of hours to make the face perfect เว็บดูการ์ตูนออนไลน์ . While the fact is overall structure of a cartoon character is more important and the beginner should concentrate on the figure instead. Because of this my advice to the newbie would be: start drawing stick figures. And start drawing various postures. Don’t try something overly complicated. Because if you do that you may get frustrated very soon.

My second suggestion would be always keep in mind that drawing is an art where you are creating a representation of 3-D world in a medium that is essentially 2-D. Unless you keep this fact in mind your creations will look flat and lifeless.

Probably all of you know that it’s a common technique to draw cartoon face using various shapes like circle and oval. You can supercharge this technique by considering the shape as an air-filled balloon. And position the lips, nose and eyes accordingly. You will realise the power of this technique while drawing a cartoon character that is looking at something with its head turned in a particular angle.

Pick up your tools wisely. Cartoon drawing is an inexpensive art that you can get started with using a simple pencil and a piece of paper. But if you’re really serious and want to make professional quality drawings you to be a bit choosy. Do not use a pencil that is too short or too hard. And the paper being used should be of good quality so that erasing lines does not make it dirty.

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