Reviews of Top Three Stun Guns

 Reviews of Top Three Stun Guns

Personal security has become a matter of great concern in the present scenario where the crime rates have gone up at an alarming rate all over the world. With people  .458 socom ammo living alone and working in places far away from home, self- defense is a matter one has to take very seriously.

Equipments like stun guns and pepper sprays have come into the scene due to the personal security requirement.

A stun gun is a tool for self- defense that temporarily disables the attacker. A shock of a low ampere but high voltage is passed on to the attacker when the victim uses the stun gun , this in turn, results in disrupting the communication from the brain of the attacker to the rest of the body causing some confusion, weakness and disorientation. The attacker is “stunned” and so the name “stun gun”. The attacker is disabled temporarily providing enough time for the victim to run and escape from there. The stun gun must be continuously used for sometime to stun the attacker (this depends on the power of the gun and the size of the person). The stun gun also makes a loud sound catching the attention of anybody who is nearby and help maybe at hand soon in some form, if one is lucky.

A stun baton is superior to a stun gun in that it is more powerful and therefore a stun baton may have an effect faster and could be more intense. Also, the range of a stun baton is greater than that of a stun gun.

Stun guns can be categorized into three main types depending on the voltage and their other characteristics.

o Static gun. This stun gun works on static charge and the power of the gun ranges from 80000- 625000 volts using 9-20 watts.

o The Phase Induction Gun. It provides the current through phase induction. The power of the stun gun ranges from 100000 to 625000 volts using 7 to 15 watts. The Talon brand manufactures the phase induction gun and is found to be very effective.

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