Security Guard Training Requirements for California

As many manufacturing jobs disappear from US to low wage countries, a Security Guard job still continues to attract young and old men and women as a stable job opportunity particularly for those without significant educational qualifications. A Security Officer job is also an ideal transitional job for a student who can take courses part-time or fulltime depending on the schedule of the security Officer job female bodyguards London. Many security guard positions require working during the night or weekend hours which will be ideal for students who is taking college classes during daytime.

Security Equipment Needed for Security Guard Duties

Even though security guard or security officer jobs don’t require any college education, there are specific training requirements mandated by every state in the US. These requirements are to be met even before a security guard can apply for their registration. To make matters worse, these requirements vary significantly from state to state which means, to become a security guard one must be aware of the specific requirement for the particular state they are applying for their security guard registration.

When I was reviewing the requirements for different states, it became apparent that, even though every state provides this information somewhere on their website, the information provided is harder to understand by itself. In addition, each state has its own way of organizing and presenting the information which makes it all the more difficult for a person who is not highly educated.

This confusing scenario prompted me to start writing a series of articles, so that the requirements for different states could be summarized in a simplified and uniform manner which could be understood by any average person who can read and write English. In this article I will cover the security officer training requirements for the state of California.

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