The Best Time to Post on Instagram

It is a lengthy exhausting, self-motivational and tiring job. There isn’t anyone to make you feel pressured or to boss you around. It’s your job and you’re committed to energizing yourself constantly. But, if you don’t receive the desired amount of people who like your posts, and it begins occurring too frequently it eventually erodes your motivation to do your job. It happened to me too.

I’ve been writing for a variety of people, and it began to bother me. I wrote for three years, and then it hit me that if I had spent that much time in the writing process for my own blog, I’d be somewhere else. It’s okay to dream isn’t it? That’s why I started my journey. However, it was easy to give up since I wasn’t getting many likes for my Instagram blog buy instagram followers cheap. If no one is viewing my Instagram and don’t like it, they won’t be directed to my blog as well (I was unable to stop myself from falling into the dark tunnel of despair). That’s when I decided to conduct some thorough research about Instagram blogging since it’s an extremely fast-growing platform for bloggers of all kinds currently. In my own study, I found an article that was titled “Best Times to post on Instagram.” This is when an amazing change took place.


First of all I wanted to find out whether this was true or not. I don’t trust or rely on anything right away so I tried it out.

On Friday, I wrote in my leisure time whenever I felt it was appropriate to do this. I was , once again, angry! My post didn’t get the acclaim I wanted and my fans were the ones to express their appreciation to it. Where did the attention go?

On Saturday, I uploaded on the perfect Instagram time, and guess what? The difference was evident. While my post on Friday barely had 20 likes, my Saturday post surpassed 50. While this may not sound like to be a lot, for someone who is just starting out it’s a huge motivator. It is real.


It took me about 2 days to figure out the most appropriate timings. Nearly every post has different timings. But, I needed to find the ones that were similar on certain days. After going through about 5-6 pages of Google and read through the statistics, I discovered that the following times were the most frequent in the majority of articles that I read. Here are the most effective timings to publish on Instagram. I’m hoping they’ll work as well for you like they did for me too!

MONDAY: 7 pm and 10 pm

TUESDAY: 3 am and 10 pm


THURSDAY: 7 am and 11 pm

FRIDAY: 1 am and 8 pm

SATURDAY: 12 am and 2 am

SUNDAY: 5 pm

Other statistics from the past showed that the greatest concentration of Instagram users is seen on Saturdays and Wednesdays. The most attention is typically on Mondays since it’s the first day following a weekend and most people are busy getting ready for the next week or working on their pending work. Don’t start your blog because you are looking for immediate cash (lots of it) since this is a big misconception. It can take years before your blog is able to return to you in the correct way!

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