TiVo’s Reelgood App Organizes Your Free Movies and TV Subscriptions

The free movies and TV category on Reelgood offers over two thousand titles for viewing without paying a cent. It does include ads, but that’s okay. You’re not paying for cable, so the ads are tolerable. And while you won’t be able to sort titles by release date, you can watch as much as you want for free. Despite the ads, Reelgood is more than worth the hassle compared to a typical cable subscription.

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The Reelgood app allows you to browse through the content of your subscriptions, and does so without the need to open other apps. You can watch trailers and previews of your favorite movies, TV shows, and more – and you can even mark some content as Reel Good “already seen.” Once you’re ready to start watching, you can receive notifications whenever new episodes or movies are released. You can also share your viewing habits with friends so they can enjoy what you’re watching.

As streaming services became more popular, Reelgood was needed to organize them. With the rise of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Peacock, Disney+, and Apple TV+, millions of people were ditching their cable subscriptions. According to a recent TiVo survey, the average TV viewer was subscribed to seven streaming services, and 84% wanted a way to search across all of them. Reelgood was created to provide that solution for them.

Reelgood sells streaming data to companies that use their services to power their universal search. Companies like Roku use its data to make universal search functions. The New York Post, for example, uses Reelgood data in its TV show articles to determine whether a certain title can be streamed. Even hedge funds use Reelgood data to research consumer trends. These companies are well positioned to take advantage of the billions of dollars that are spent every day to track viewership data.

Another way to organize streaming services is through the Reelgood app, which unifies all streaming services into one place. This is not a new idea, though. In fact, the concept is already featured on TiVo’s Stream 4K dongle. The app is not tied to a particular hardware platform. It is free to use, and users won’t need to sign up for independent logins for every streaming service.

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